Rattan at Soane Britain

Soane Britain was founded by Lulu Lytle and Christopher Hodsoll on the Pimlico Road in 1997.  Since then Soane Britain has become defined by its exquisite craftsmanship, elegant proportions and deliciously English sense of the exuberant.  Soane Britain designs and makes outstanding furniture, upholstery, lighting, fabrics, wallpapers and interior necessities that consistently reward the investment, adding a joyful atmosphere to any space.  Every Soane Britain design is made in Britain in small workshops that excel in traditional crafts, such as iron forging, chair making, precision engineering and saddlery.


Known for its glamorous, British-made furniture, Lulu has now added rattan to the range offered.  ‘I love rattan for its versatility, charm and sustainability,’ says Lulu. ‘It always creates such a relaxed atmosphere and suits pretty much any interior. Having bought an Edwardian rattan sofa, which reputedly came from the Mountbatten house sale in Ireland, I decided to make a modern version for Soane.   Because it is a costly, labour-intensive process, handwoven rattan furniture is infinitely superior to machine-made equivalents.  The latter not only looks less appealing but the rattan can become very brittle because the canes are split in half for machining and do not last.  

Sustainably grown and natural, rattan from Indonesia, China and Japan arrives at Shire Workshops in bales and is transformed by craftsmen with over 40 years experience.  

Friday, June 16th, 2017 at 6:00 am  |  Cabinetry & Furniture