Easton Grange – Eclectic Furniture






Choosing furniture for the rustic farmhouse at Easton Grange was always going to be a challenge. The predominance of beautiful oak beams, winding staircase, and quirky floor levels were all interesting issues to deal with. As a wedding venue, Easton Grange required a homely interior design scheme that is appealing to potential clients, yet practical enough to withstand the day to day wear and tear of any wedding venue.

The furniture chosen is from 2 separate sources, and despite the completely different styles, they compliment one another beautifully. The contemporary, solid oak furniture is from the Forest Oak range from Eden Forest – http://www.edenforest.co.uk/. This furniture range is simple and unadorned, and works beautifully with the traditional oak beams.  We particularly like the woven, rattan chair with the Forest Oak Console.

The striking, dark furniture is by JVB – http://www.j-v-b.com/ – and these pieces add definition and character to the smaller rooms. The Alastair Console and Chair look amazing – we teamed them with a dark parquet headboard and rich soft furnishings to create an intimate bedroom space.  See our Portfolio page for more information on this lovely wedding venue – http://www.icon-interiors.co.uk/portfolio/commercial/easton-grange/

Monday, May 27th, 2013 at 2:27 pm  |  Bedrooms, Cabinetry & Furniture, Wedding Venues