Intriguing Art

Finding a piece of art that exudes originality and style can elevate an interior design scheme beyond the conventional. The ‘Playing With Fire’ collection from artist  ... Read more

Alexandra Shorey Horse Sculpture

Elegant Equine Sculpture

Finding the perfect art and sculpture is essential if you’re going to build a cohesive interior design scheme. Elegant and delicate, the one-off clay creations of Alexa ... read more

Fenella Elms Triple Grey Flow Wall Mounted Art Sculpture

Go with the Flow – Porcelain Sculpture from Fenella Elms

Incorporating texture into an interior design scheme is an essential element of creating interest and balancing a space. Whilst textiles are often the first port of call ... read more

exploration blue by Victoria Horkan

If Nature Could Speak

If Nature Could Speak is Victoria Horkan‘s latest solo show, challenging our imagination and what we know of the world around us with her latest 3D style paintings ... read more

An old master on your wall

Your favourite works of art from the National Gallery are available as customisable, vinyl wallpaper from Andrew Martin. It’s as simple as choosing the piece you wa ... read more

Regina Heinz – Ceramic Art

Based in London, Regina Heinz‘s ceramic art practice specialises in wall-based sculptural artworks for interior and exterior spaces.  Regina is interested in c ... read more

Arik Levy Studio

“Creation is an uncontrolled muscle” according to Arik Levy – artist, technician, photographer, designer and video artist. Levy’s multi–discipli ... read more

David Harbour interior water chalice

David Harber Sculpture

    “I don’t really do “outdoors” and “indoors”. I just think in terms of environments.” David Harber creates sculptures, sundials, water ... read more

Katie Spragg Ceramics

  Combining ceramic objects, installation and moving image to create momentary experiences that allude to the amazement and wonder of being outside in nature, Katie ... read more

dougall paulson woven metal textile rugs

Dougall Paulson: visual storytelling through fine, decorative and graphic arts

  Glimmering textiles which “straddle the line between fine, decorative and graphic arts,” are woven from fine metal wire into exquisitely simple patterns, as we ... read more