Elegant Equine Sculpture

Finding the perfect art and sculpture is essential if you’re going to build a cohesive interior design scheme. Elegant and delicate, the one-off clay creations of Alexa  ... Read more

NATURAL_BLEND Villeroy and Boch Tiles

Naturally Elegant Tiles from Villeroy and Boch

For a natural look that can work in both classic and contemporary interior design schemes, Villeroy and Boch’s 2018 ‘Reflections of Nature’ tile collection ... read more

lunar_black&key desk

Chic Office Furniture from Black and Key

Whether you’re creating a chic home office or trying to achieve a high-end look for your commercial workspace, having the right desk is key. Fusing functionality and st ... read more


Bespoke Decorative Surfaces from Sterling Studios

A decorative surface can add an interesting textural element to an interior design scheme but the designs created by Sterling Studios take decorative surfaces to the next ... read more

Michael Aram butterfly-ginkgo-centerpiece

Chic Centrepieces Inspired by Nature

Details matter in interior design and finding beautiful, eye-catching accessories can lift a design scheme to another level. Taking inspiration from the Gingko Biloba tre ... read more

calliope-dressing-table-and mirror

Treat Your Bedroom to a Contemporary Dressing Table

We all need a special spot where we can get ourselves ready to face the world. With its elegant oval mirror, glossy Maplewood veneer and sleek lines, the Calliope dressin ... read more

Dine in luxury with Christofle Flatware

Beautiful, refined flatware can make all the difference to a dining experience, especially when entertaining guests. French silver artisans Christofle have been crafting ... read more

Shibori-Rug by Bazaar Velvet

Showstopping Shibori Rugs

A design style dating back to 8th century Japan, ‘Shibori’ resist dyeing creates soft, watercolour-like patterns as dye subtly bleeds through bound, folded or crushed ... read more

Niagara Waterfall Faucet from West One Bathrooms

Go with the Flow – Statement Bathroom Taps

Every element of your bathroom requires the same amount of thought when creating a cohesive design scheme, and taps are no exception. The simple addition of a statement f ... read more

Gaston y Daniela Libreria Wallpaper

Luxurious Wallpaper from Gaston y Daniela

Using rich pattern, vibrant colour and the finest materials creates a luxurious look for your walls. Drawing on historic patterns from their archives and over 200 years o ... read more